We welcome your 4 legged family members in The Cottage and The Campbellton Room,

which is located on the first floor.   

We gladly provide dog bedding and bowls, as dogs are not allowed on furniture or guest linens.

Due to allergies, we cannot allow cats.

Aggressive dogs need not apply. If you're remotely concerned with your dog around other people or pets, please leave them home or find alternative care for them while you stay with us.

The Dog Days Inn is located nearby and offers overnight boarding as well as doggie daycare.

We ask that all dogs (and guests) be well groomed prior to arrival. A $50 cleaning fee will be applied for excessive fur left behind. Normal policies apply to any further property damage.

Please include your pet on your reservation and acknowledge our pet policies. Any pet that is not included on a reservation, or brought into the Inn without permission will be subject to a $100/pet fee.  Additional cleaning fees for unauthorized pets may apply. 



  • $25/pet/day fee for additional cleaning.

    • This fee will not apply to guide dogs or assistive dogs – management has a right to ask for validating identification​

  • Dogs must be leashed while outside your room

  • Pets are not permitted to be left in the room unattended.

  • Please do not allow your pet on the bed, furniture or blankets and towels intended for people.

  • Guest is responsible for cleaning up after pet on Inn grounds and disposing of waste in the outside trash bins. Additional fees will apply if we have to clean up after your pet. We like souvenirs as much as the next guy, but not that kind!

Please utilize the provided dog bed or bring your own bedding/portable carrier for your pet to sleep in if you need it, as pets are not permitted on guest linens or furniture. 


Pet blankets, towels, and water bowls are available free of charge at the Inn by request; please let us know so we can have Fido’s bed ready, as well as yours, upon arrival.

Jill's pup in his own bed.jpg

The safety and comfort of guests is our top priority. Read more about our current COVID-19 policies here